November 7, 2010

Love Like Salt

Do you remember the old Italian fable about the young princess who tells her father that she loves him as meat loves salt? He gets offended, dismisses her, but she serves a banquet with no salt and gets back in his good graces. Giving us the wonderful message that without salt, life is bland.

I got my fill of salt last Friday, heading out with some other classmates and our professor, John Telford, on a day trip. We went first to Saltair and finished up at the Salt Flats. We shot a lot on the 4x5 cameras, but took some digital photos as well.

The one thing we were missing was some good meat to go with all of that salt. We planned to find a good buffet for dinner in West Wendover, but when we got there we discovered that since it was Friday night, the buffet was $25 per person. And since we're all poor college students, we chose to instead feast at the local McDonalds. Fast food in Wendover - what an exotic trip!


Jay, the Dad said...

These are beautiful. The lake may smell bad, but it's a great place to take pictures.

Trent & Tara said...

Linnea I love these sooo much. Seriously, I am jealous have always wanted to shoot there. Great job:)