May 18, 2011

Fort McHenry

When Jeff and I visited out in DC a few weeks ago, I insisted that we make a trip out to Fort McHenry.

This was not my first sojourn to the fort. When I was in the eighth grade I petitioned my dad's boss to let me accompany him on a trip back to Washington DC, explaining that I was studying Fort McHenry at school and would greatly benefit from the excursion. I was a clueless 14-year-old and no respecter of persons - I had no comprehension that Mr. Hughes was actually a very important man and that I was being very bold to draft such an email. However, boldness sometimes pays off, and I got to go.

I actually don't remember much from that first trip to Fort McHenry - my dad blames it on my being a teenager, but I like to point out that my luggage was lost and I was in the same clothes all weekend, plus I was exhausted. However, one story from that trip gets told again and again in our family. I was in one of the buildings, looking at the displays, and Yankee Doodle was playing. I began to whistle along - I can whistle quite loud - and danced a little jig. Finishing my dance, I turned to find an elderly couple standing in the doorway, just watching. I may not have been embarrassed about sending bold emails, but I certainly was when caught in my song and dance!

Fort McHenry is such a fascinating place, such beautiful history there.

I danced in the same spot again this trip - although the only person there to watch me this time was Jeff. Yankee Doodle is just such a catchy tune.


Jay, the Dad said...

Very nice photos. The thing I remember most about that earlier trip was bringing you along to the C-SPAN studios, where I was to be on the show "Washington Journal." You got to sit in the control room during the broadcast. Afterward, your only comment to me was, "You have big ears, Dad."

Kirsti said...

Love these photos! Why didn't we go to Fort McHenry?

Morgan Photography said...

Ah! We were bold eighth-graders, weren't we. :)
I love it.