June 16, 2011

Plays well with others.

One of the most wonderful thing I've gained from photography is the amazing people and friends I've made because of it. I rub shoulders with some truly incredible people, who inspire me and also keep me laughing.

One of those people is Rebekah Westover. I was lucky to be able to assist her on this shoot a few weeks ago, go check it out! The amazing Kristen Muirhead modeled, another woman who is near and dear to my heart.

Little known fact: one of my main jobs as an assistant was to sing songs from Flight of the Concords to try to throw off the concentration of model and/or main photographer.

1 comment:

Brittney Erb said...

Linnea...You got it going on!!
Love Flight of the Concords.
And that photo shoot was so beautiful! What a fun location. Thanks for sharing.