July 11, 2011

Fourth of July on Lake Union

Happy Fourth of July...a week late! Jeff and I spent the holiday up in Seattle. My uncle has a condo with the most amazing view of Lake Union, and we had prime seats for their firework display.

We returned home this morning, and I wanted to share some pictures of the show. If you've emailed me while I was gone I will be getting back to you today - thank you for your patience!



Down in the foreground is the houseboat where they filmed a lot of Sleepless in Seattle!


Jeff flew in Monday evening, and after about half an hour with my little cousin Kristina she was completely in love with him. They became the best of friends. I can't say I blame her, he's a pretty great guy.


No Fourth of July celebrating would be complete without amazing dessert, and no Swedish celebration is complete without Princess Torte!



Valory said...

So pretty!

Bob B said...

Fireworks, Princess Torta, and good company.