June 22, 2012

Axtinn is 1!

Nearly a year ago I photographed Sarah and Colton's beautiful wedding. Their day was very emotional because they had a little premature son in the intensive care at the hospital at the time. Axtinn was only 1 lb 9 oz when he was born, and was in intensive care for a very long time.

Happily, Axtinn is now a beautiful, bouncing one-year-old! (Well, technically his birthday is tomorrow - but close enough.) His first year may not have been the easiest, but he is a sweet boy and loves the attention he gets from his family.

I know, Axtinn - I can't believe that was you, either.

Axtinn is such a momma's boy. I love this picture of them.


Kristina Curtis said...

so precious. what a darling little boy.

Bennion Lovin' said...

Amazing! Linnea, what is your schedule like the end of October... like Halloween - Nov 4th? Are you going to be in Utah by chance? If so I'd love to hire your for my hospital photos. I am crossing my fingers you are in town!!!! Text me: 801.694.4775